Lower Lingual Holding Arch

What the Appliance Does

mandibularThis appliance is used to hold space in the lower arch. It can also serve as an anchor for elastic wear. It can be beneficial in helping to direct the lower jaw to move forward or aiding in having the bite NOT open. A thick wire is attached to two bands on the lower back teeth and cemented to place with a fluoride releasing cement. The front part of the wire approaches the backs of the lower front teeth.

How to Use the Appliance
The appliance is cemented to back molars and needs no other maintenance by the patient.

Cleaning the Appliance

  • The lower teeth can be cleaned with a toothbrush and tooth paste
  • Flossing is possible around the wire. Any areas that the floss will not pass all the way to the gum, a floss threader can be used to floss around the wire.
  • A Waterpik™ is beneficial in cleaning around the wire and the bands at the gum line.
  • A proxy brush is beneficial in dislodging any food between the wire and the teeth.

What to Watch For

  • Generally this appliance is maintenance free. Patients who play with with the wire with their tongue can break the wire at the bands. In this case one side of the wire will come loose. Should this happen call the office for an appointment during normal office hours.
  • Wax is beneficial should any irritation occur at the outside tissue of the bands.
  • Some patients are asked to wear elastics from their upper arch to their Lower arch. Wear the elastics as prescribed by Dr. Komoroski. Watch to see if the bands become loose from the elastic forces.
  • If one of both bands moves up and down, please call the office for an appointment to have the appliance re-cemented.