Lip Bumper

What the Appliance Does

lip-bumperThe lip bumper acts as a space maintainer. It is able to increase the lower arch length and also able to lessen a deep bite malocclusion. The pad attached to the lip bumper wire slighty stretches the lower lip muscle, thereby allowing the the lip to put muscle pressure on the lower molars.

How the Appliance Works
The lip bumper is place into a tube located on the bands of the lower molars. Place one side into the tube (usually the left tube), then the other side into the opposite tube. Note, do not lift the lip bumper up and down as this can cause the band on the back teeth to loosen.

Wearing the Appliance

  • Wear the lip bumper for the hours that Dr. Komoroski recommends.
  • Do not wear the lip bumper when playing sports or rough housing.
  • Some patients are asked to wear their lip bumper when wearing elastics from the upper arch to the lower molar bands. In this instance, do not wear elastics without the lip bumper.

Cleaning the Appliance

  • Brush the lip bumper with a toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • You may soak the appliance in a denture/retainer cleaner if desired.
  • Place the lip bumper after you are done brushing and flossing your lower teeth.

What to Watch For

  • Try not to force the lip bumper. There is a path that the lip bumper should slide passively into the tubes. Do not rock the wire up and down when inserting.
  • If a band comes off on the back molars. Do not wear the lip bumper. Should a molar band come loose, save the band, and call the office for an appointment.
  • Occasionally, the lower gum covering the front teeth will become thicker in response to the lip bumper. When the lip bumper is discontinued, the tissue goes back to its normal consistency.

Just as the lip bumper fits passively into the bands when putting it in the mouth. Removing the appliance should follow the same path. Do not lift or rock the wire out of the tubes.