Essix™ Retainer (Clear Plastic Retainer)

What the Appliance Does

essixThe essix™ retainer holds or “retains” the orthodontic corrections accomplished during orthodontic treatment. The retainers are as important, if not more important, than the braces. Retainers keep the teeth in their optimal position. Retainer wear is a lifetime commitment.

Sometimes these clear retainers are used to make minor tooth corrections. Dr. Komoroski will recommend “active” retainers be worn full time or at a minimum of 13-16 hour duration.

Insertion of the Retainer

The clear plastic shells are custom made from a mold of your teeth. Simply place the retainers over your teeth. Some retainers fit snuggly over the teeth and snap into place. Other retainers gently fit over the teeth passively.

Dr. Komoroski advises wearing your retainer(s) about 13 hours a day when braces are initially removed. Included in this time is the time spent sleeping. As teeth “settle” the retainer wear time will lessen. Every patient has an optimal retainer wear time and frequency. Please note that you will never hear Dr. Komoroski tell you that you no longer need to wear retainers

Do not eat or drink while wearing the retainers.

When retainers are not being worn, please place them in your retainer case.

These clear or invisible retainers can be easily lost or misplaced. Pets like to use these as chew toys.


Cleaning Your Retainer

  • Clear retainers can be brushed with a toothbrush but not toothpaste daily.
  • If you desire, you can soak the retainer(s) in a denture/retainer cleaner for 10-10 minutes. After soaking, brush with a toothbrush (no toothpaste) then rinse.
  • Do not boil your retainer as it will shrink.

Additional Instructions

  • Gingival tissues (gum tissue) will tighten/return to their original firmness after the braces are removed. You can trim the edges of the plastic with a nail file or sharp scissor if necessary. Do not trim the retainers so the tooth portion of the retainer is affected.
  • Remember to bring your retainers with you for all your retainer check visits.
  • Usually, Dr. Komoroski follows his patient for 1 year after the braces are removed. Afterwards, additional appointments are subject to an office visit charge.
  • Retainers can last for 1-4 years depending on how well they are cared for. Additionally, patients who grind their teeth may wear out their retainers sooner.
  • Speak to Dr. Komoroski if you are concerned with any night time grinding issues.